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Winnipeg Bruisers explain their concept

Canadian and Winnipeg based metallers SILENT LINE release their concept album Shattered Shores set for release on October 30th.
This is the band’s third independent full length and first concept album, as explained by the band:
“Shattered Shores” is a concept album – our first attempt at one – that depicts a tortured island stuck in time being slowly worn away by an endless ocean. Themes of frost, snow, fire, night, and stars are used to illustrate feelings of hopelessness, fear, and loss. A single person is referred to throughout the album and everything is told from their point of view as they wander, stuck on the island unsure of how they got there, and unsure if they will ever leave. Lots of references to snow and frost are used as we live in Canada, and there is a lonely but beautiful character to the long winter we experience. Another recurring theme is the storm, which brings change and renewal; it is – for lack of a better term – the symbol of hope and of a brighter future.
If you’re a fan of In Flames Wintersun, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, Amon Amarth, At the Gates then you may want to check this one out.

So far the first single ‘Shattered Shores: Timeless Night’ was premiered on Metal Nation News / Radio. – http://metalnationradio.ca/exclusive-song-premiere-silent-lines-new-track-shattered-shores-i-timeless-night-new-album-shattered-shores-due-out-october-30th/

Which, explain the band, is actually the title track off the album split into two.
“The first part of the title track of the album, it describes the coming of the storm that is supposed to wash away the ash of the past and renew the land. It shares a similar chorus with Shattered Shores II: A New Beginning, as well as the verse riff – although the songs are in different tunings. It also shares some lyrics with Erosion to tie the depiction of ashes and flames to the storm. It primarily describes hopelessness and sorrow, trying to move on but being stuck in depression. Musically it is quite diverse ranging from classic In Flames-style dual lead guitars to a four guitar harmonized clean bridge and huge ringing chords.

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