Were I Blind have released a cover of their favourite Depeche Mode track ‘Enjoy The Silence’.

The band, who comprise of three and who are ex-members of the likes of Breed 77 and Magna Carta, have created their very own electronic and industrial take on this electrifying track by Depeche Mode.

Were I Blind’s cover of ‘Enjoy The Silence’ has been featured in the Metal Hammer ‘Goes 90’s’ issue on their covermount CD which is out now.

This is what Ozzy has to say about the decision made in recording this particular track
“‘You cannot cover Depeche Mode and turn it into a loud, crazy electro-industrial metal song” – some would say – well guess what? We just did.

Why did we choose it? I don’t know whether it is the words, the chords or the melody or everything combined!!! But this song really touches my soul, maybe it’s got to do with childhood memories whilst experiencing my parents divorce and the sadness and insecurity that came with it, playing and singing along to Depeche Mode albums back to back was a good therapy and a happy escape for me.

On the other hand I must admit it was quite a ballsy move, I mean, it is definitely not that underground song that hasn’t already been covered by at least a hundred other artists! The thought of ruining our career by murdering a great song and being remembered for it is always there, but having two amazing musicians alongside me, Andrew Trewin and Alberto Marin, and an awesome producer James Loughrey to team up and turn this song into a beast helped remove all fear.

Depeche Mode doesn’t just have a sound that’s unique, exquisite, innovative and way ahead of their time, they write good songs, the kind that usually turn into gold.

Covering this song all together from learning each chord to giving it our own twist, however “twisted” the result, has been a true pleasure.”

Combining the party elements of electronic music with some energetic and chaotic riffs, electro-industrial metal outfit ‘Were I Blind’ are about to bounce into the scene with their Korn and Rammstein-esque influenced tunes. The band who are from London, were formed by drummer/songwriter OC Preciado (Breed 77, Reverted), Alberto Marin (Def Con Dos, Hamlet, Kaothic) and Andrew Trewin (Collisions, Magna Carta).
Were I Blind have announced that they will launch their debut self-titled EP on 1st September 2017 and have released their title track which you can watch the music video for HERE

Band Members
OC Preciado – Lead Vocals, Drums
Alberto Marin – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Andrew Trewin – Guitar and Backing Vocals

Official Website