Are you ready for some “sophisticated black metal….?”

The name KLAMM (German for “ravine“) is symbolic for the band’s artistic concept – a calm, peaceful surface from afar, a harsh and hostile maelstrom within.

KLAMM reckon they don’t just make barrages of simple verse-chorus constructs.

Instead, they say, Each idea gets the time it needs to unfold, no matter if a few minutes suffice or if it takes more than 10 minutes. Originating in black metal, their music is intermixed by silent, melodic and experimental moments – calm before storm, storm before calm. Their (German) lyrics reflect abstract personal experiences or are related with socio-critical themes.

Simon Ludwig – drums, music, background vocals
Christian Kasperbauer – guitars, music
Andreas Gumpert – bass, violin
Peter Biewer – guitars, manic laughter
Wolfgang Bywalez – vocals, lyrics, accordion