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New video and album plans

Sweden’s Despite has revealed a new music video for ‘As You Bleed’. The video was directed by Despite vocalist Peter Tuthill and filmed in their hometown of Gothenburg. ‘As You Bleed’ is the first single from their upcoming album, Synergi, which will be released worldwide via Eclipse Records on 22nd July 2016. Synergi contains thirteen powerful songs of progressive, melodic death metal produced by Oscar Nilsson (Engel) at Crehate Studios.

“I’m not big on sports myself, but mixed martial arts is one of the few I genuinely like to watch,” states vocalist Peter Tuthill. “’As You Bleed’ was actually inspired by a UFC match I was watching one night. I can’t relate to violence, and it’s not how I see solving any problems, but as long as it’s inside an octagon, I’m all for it.” Despite features three guitarists, each playing technically-crushing riffs on eight-stringed Schecter guitars tuned a full octave below standard guitar tuning (drop-e).

Vocalist Peter Tuthill comments on the album as a whole, “Synergi touches many subjects that we feel need more attention in this harsh world that we inhabit. Every song has a meaning, and they’re all pieces of the big jigsaw puzzle, so to speak. The title Synergi isn’t just the Swedish spelling for the English counterpart Synergy. Synergi puts the self, the “I” in the bigger picture. We chose to do this to signify that every single individual on this planet is a cog in the greater machinery. For change to happen, we all need to start thinking along the same lines, without borders. There’s no racial divides, no genders; there’s only humanity. We need to start taking care of our world, ourselves, and the other species we live alongside, before it all goes BOOM.”
The album is already available for pre-order via iTunes and Amazon. Either option comes with the songs ‘As You Bleed’ and ‘Time Lapse’ as instant tracks! The album is also available via Google Play. Additional options and information about Synergi will be forthcoming at Eclipse Records.

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