Eastern Death Metal just released

Influenced by the likes of Disgorge, Gorgasm, and Cerebral Effusion PROPAGANDA set to crush all with their debut release “The Mask Of Sanity“. Set for October 20th release via the bands label Brute! Productions.

PROPAGANDA are characterized by inhuman guttural vocals, gravity blasted snares, and bone-shattering guitars composed of slow slams and ruthless grinds. The thick and corrosive riffing, the manner in which the assaulting rhythm section is harnessed, the vocal treatment, and the sharp edges of the sound mix are well suited to the group’s style of Brutal Death Metal. The stop-start riff chunks over relentless kick drum battering, as well as a mastery of Death Metal chug. Any true fan of the brutal end of the spectrum should find value in this one.

LISTEN: http://propagandabogor.bandcamp.com/
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/propagandadeathmetal666
BUY: http://www.bruteprods.com/distro.htm or email bruteprods@yahoo.com


The Mask Of Sanity Tracklisting:
1. Intro 
2. Brain Damage Persecuted 
3. Deliver Human Suffering  
4. Blasphemy Insanity Syndrome  
5. Maniacal Torture 
6. Butchery Decomposition Massacre 
7. Rejection Living Tortured 
8. The Mask of Sanity 
9. When Your Body Die (Gelgamesh Cover) 
10. Decomposition (Outro)