Cyhyraeth Serve The Servant


Dallas Death Metal Not For The Feint Hearted

We’ve got news for you folks, Servant To The Fire is one of the most intense, brutal, volatile, [insert additional adjectives here], releases you will have heard  all year. Those not prepared for it will get a fist in the face and a boot up the ass upon first listens to the jarring sounds of Cyhyraeth.

Unrelenting aggression through thick ‘n’ rubbery bass lines, guitars that slash and stab in several directions at once (yet somehow come together to form lethal structures), and drumming that will crumble your home’s foundation. Images of violence are conjured through the band’s sonic vitriol at every turn; a recurring image one of a torrential downpour of jagged guitar shards and severed limbs. You will not walk away unscathed from sessions spent with the album.

Tracklisting for Servant To The Fire:
1. As the World Burns
2. Indoctrinate
3. A Farewell to Harm
4. Confliction
5. Mutation
6. Awakening
7. Aftermath
8. Calm Before the Storm
9. Suffocate
10. Servant to the Fire
11. Final Relapse

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