Last week, the infernal hard rockers CHROME DIVISION released their fifth and final studio album ‘One Last Ride’, which celebrates the band’s fifteenth anniversary with heavy riffs, catchy melodies and roaring engines.

For this last trip, the Norwegians led by DIMMU BORGIR’s Shagrath enticed their original vocalist Eddie Guz back on board and have brewed up a new masterpiece crackling with metallic energy and spinning wheels.

Today, CHROME DIVISION unveil the third album trailer, in which vocalist Eddie Guz speaks about the meaning behind two of the band’s tracks, ‘You Are Dead To Me’ and the latest single ‘I’m On Fire Tonight’. Watch it here before partying all night:

Eddie Guz | lead vocals
Shagrath | guitars, bass & backing vocals
Mr Damage | lead guitar, bass & backing vocals
Tony White | drums, cowbell & percussion