Moscow’s power rock trio STARIFIED unleash a fun and whacky video taken from their upcoming new album ‘Fat Hits’, to be released on January 15th, 2021 through Ripple Music. Get ready to lose your minds and feel insanely rock’n’roll with “Don Loco” now!

STARIFIED is a hard-hitting, groove-driven power trio led by drummer and vocalist Vadim Ambartsumian founded in Moscow in 2017. Worshipping at the altar of powerful riffs, stirring melodies and a raw and dirty garage sound, the band claim influences as wide as Jack White, Foo Fighters or Led Zeppelin.

Lose your mind with new video “Don Loco” at this location
The band gives more details about the video filming: “Don Loco” is our perverted interpretation of Miguel de Cervantes’ most prominent novel and Spanish literature masterpiece “Don Quixote”. The video depicts a dialogue of two personalities imprisoned in one body. The main character (vocalist and drummer Vadim Ambartsumian) finds himself in a hostile reality where he doesn’t know whom to trust and stumble upon various obstacles on his way to nowhere. We wrote the scenario together with our friends from Leftography, and shot the video in Konduki, a gigantic coal mine from the Soviet Union days. The first day of filming started with fog — we couldn’t see further than 3 meters and were about to cancel everything, but the rock’n’roll gods were on our side and the sun came out. Don Loco almost cost us our health, if not more. On the second day of filming, we got stuck in the forest, destroyed our car and almost fell from a 7-meter cliff — that was and will be the price we are ready to pay to do what we love. Don’t try that yourself though!
STARIFIED New album “Fat Hits”
Out January 15th, 2021 on Ripple Music
1. Scapegoat
2. Don Loco
3. Fat Kids
4. Anti Rebel
5. Saraton
6. Wider Lane
7. What If
8. Pick A Fight
9. Noah
10. Same Old River

Vadim Ambartsumian – vocals, drums
Yuriy Berezovik – guitars
Dmitri Shurpakov – bass guitar

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