Ladies and gentlemen, dear others… welcome to the joyfully warped and inspiringly eclectic mindscape of the Helsinkian alt-rockers St. Aurora. The circus has arrived… and it’s here to stay.

The five-piece outfit’s music is like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard being sown on Finnish soil. The immensely creative, unabashedly eccentric, and forward-thinking quintet have – since their 2020 emergence as bassist Eemi Lamberg’s means to channel his artistry on his own terms – tirelessly and driven by sheer passion moulded their diverse mixture of alternative rock, post-hardcore, raucous theatrics, and the whims of childlike imagination into a powerful and undoubtedly one of a kind sound. You might be able to identify tinges of St. Aurora’s paragons in their sonics, but the intricately and meticulously crafted soundscape still feels like an entity with its own, distinctive shades and faces.

After making a name for themselves through playing a series of energetic live shows and building a steady and enthusiastic fanbase in their hometown of Helsinki, the group is even more armed and ready to take the alt-rock scene by storm. The release of Hold The Line is the first step on the next part of the journey that will take St Aurora well into 2023. This is a journey to get on board with now, it is not to be missed!

With a mesmerising and compelling energy encircling everything they do, Finnish eclectic alt-rockers St. Aurora are here to announce themselves to the world. Having spent their first couple of years as a band growing their fanbase in their homeland, St Aurora are now expanding their horizons firmly outwards with their brand new single. Titled Hold The Line, a fearsome collection of razor sharp riffs, pummelling yet hook filled instrumentation and the unique vocal delivery of Tuomas “Nile” Nilsson await the listener. 

A band who thrive on pairing their music with visuals, whether live or recorded, St. Aurora are releasing a video for Hold The Line, on the 1st December, but you can stream the track right now on your favourite service –

For some more insight on Hold The Line, we hand over to St Aurora frontman Nile:

“Out of all the upcoming songs I think Hold The Line was the first song to be in its somewhat final form. Osku really just worked it to the readiest in the demo phase. From very early on it was pretty obvious that this track has got to be the first single release.The song’s lyrics are about a heavy subject. It’s about the frustration towards having to wait in line for help, and how sometimes the help doesn’t come until it’s too late. The scary thought of only just getting help if it’s a matter of life and death.In fact all the upcoming song are going to be rather dark thematic wise. Mostly because during the writing process I was inspired by cold subjects and things that worry me. Still, I’d be lying if I said we’re completely done with the major chord stuff.”
Fans in the band’s homeland of Finland will have a chance to hear Hold The Line in the flesh soon. They have a show in Helsinki on the 26th of November with Block Of Flats. Full details can be found on the St. Aurora Facebook page.

Find St. Aurora online:

Official Website

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