SOUR BLOOD is a new project on the map of Poland, playing alternative rock, behind which there are two musicians connected with rock scene in Poznań (PL).

Sour Blood is a ritual of emotions taking one’s soul to the rivers of no return. When alive, a Man becomes a vessel for one’s desires, ambitions, and fears, and joins to the Dance Macabre deluded, that it’s He who leads. Sour Blood is the search of the feeling when you let it go. “Here Not Waken” is a song about awakening and the long and winding road to it. It’s hard, but it still lets us make our choices. We all tend to have ideas about our lives and how to read its chapters – some of them ought to be closed, other started. In this story we are the toughest critics and we often don’t agree with our own judgment. Either way, the verdict itself and when we are ready for it is up to us and the relationship we have with our own psyche.
­NEW SONG “Hear Not Waken

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