After spending the summer of 2019 supporting the likes of SHVPES, InVisions, ROAM, Mallory Knox and CrazyTown, Pop-Punk/Metalcore hybrid Octopus Montage knuckled down in the studio to record their debut album ‘How To Live and How To Lose‘. Adding to their ever-growing discography of which has seen them rack up over 4 million Spotify streams. The album is set to be released in early 2021 with Grow Up being the first single to be dropped.

Octopus Montage always knew they were different to ‘the scene’ in the UK’s Las Vegas, aka Blackpool, learning quickly that for a new band to break into an already crowded market it is easier if you can tick all the boxes of what people want. While it would have been easier to conform and craft the bands sound based on what would drive them forward quickest, the band stood by their belief in themselves and pushed harder to be known as a unique offering.

Grow Up is telling the story of that experience, and rather than coming from a place of bitterness, Octopus Montage want to use their journey as a way to reflect on how the industry works, and showcasing how a band can succeed, even if they don’t tick all the right boxes.

Grow Up is out now and available at all good outlets, check it out on SpotifyApple Music and Amazon.

Listening to a band that spans genres can be a difficult listening experience, however, Octopus Montage have successfully fused pop punk and metalcore to create their distinctive sound. Reminiscent of A Day To Remember and Dance Gavin Dance, Grow Up is a great example of what to expect from the forthcoming album release.

Taking its cue from the lyrics, Grow Up is filled with ‘stick it to the man’ appeal, seamlessly bringing in a heavier section to add meaning to refrain “Go fuck yourself, You never believed in me“.  This message is birthed from the bands experience, and from watching newer bands struggling to get a chance in their local scene, leading to some excellent talent simply giving up. For Octopus Montage, giving up was never an option, so this track serves as a cathartic retrospective and also a sign that by pushing forward, the break will come.

Octopus Montage are:

Dec Naylor – Vocals/Guitar
Alex Jennings – Vocals/Guitar
Davina Naylor – Bass
Cain Dylan – Drums

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