After years of constant exploration and maturing as an artistic collective, the progressive hard rock quintet FRANKLIN ZOO, has now come together to create their third full length album ‘The Dandelion Child’, which offers a fresh an uncompromising sound and emotion of life lessons and existential noise.

Creating songs where sounds and words come together in a meaningful way, they now present the first single from the album, ‘The Abandoned’. This extensive, multi faceted masterpiece will take you on an emotional journey. Encapsulating sludgy riffs with prog leanings, as well as dark and light vocal stylings.

Listen to the track here:

“Traumatic childhood abandonment sometimes turns the abandoned into a self-inflated, exaggerating, lying social cripple. No-one can stand that person because of falseness and insecurity. It is no less but living an everyday hell. If the fragility underneath is treated with true care and presence, it can be changed into self-acceptance and holding one’s own pathological longing for recognition, until it becomes a bearable chain around the neck instead of a noose. Authenticity will become a calling – almost a religion – for the abandoned, as he is saved by the love that authenticity unavailingly brings. This goes for his relationship with himself as well as his relationship with others, and this is what ‘The Abandoned’ is about”

Through the years the quintet has released two full-length albums: ‘Untamed’ (2013) and ‘Red Skies’ (2016) and some critically acclaimed EP’s and singles along the way. All activities were naturally backed with lengthy tours, miscellaneous gigs, appearances in musical showcases as well as part of national and international festivals.The coming album ‘The Dandelion Child’ is set to be released in the fall of 2021 and singles from the album are being released in bursts throughout the summer, accompanied by gigs along the way.


The first single ‘The Abandoned’ is already available on all streaming services.



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