Liverpool emo newcomers DECAY are pleased to announce that they have signed to Birmingham independent label Fox Records and will release their debut EP Modern Conversation on 5th July 2019.

To celebrate the news, the band have revealed an atmospheric video for new single ‘Slow Decline’—a starkly mature new direction for the quintet which deals with the difficulty of watching someone’s mental and physical health fall apart as they descend into alcoholism following the death of a loved one.

“This song tells the story of how my mother’s death affected my dad,” says vocalist Danny Reposar. “I watched him lose interest in everything and fall victim to excessive drinking. As time went on he’d lock himself in the house and drink the days away hoping to forget about his grief and erase the past 3 years. It’s a song for anyone that’s had to watch the people around them wither and fade; it’s for the people that don’t come from that perfect home. Your situation doesn’t define you.”

The record’s title, Modern Conversation, resonates with the reference to alcoholism on the lead single, and was taken from an art history lecture that Reposar attended. “It was the title of a section about an intricate painting of people fighting each other and generally acting aggressively,” he explains. The design would often be displayed within a communal wine jug, the idea being that after drinking the wine the picture would be displayed at the bottom, reflecting the drinker’s current state. “This resonated with me heavily at the time of writing the record,” says Reposar, “as I’ve been surrounded by alcoholism for most of my life.”

Decay is a new project from the members of former pop punk outfit Pine, which sees the band striding confidently away from their early sound and branching out into a more delicately-blended melodic strain of aggressive emo.

The band may be sonically reminiscent of early US scene heavyweights Basement and Title Fight, but they’re also unmistakably British. Their hometown of Liverpool is something that’s close to their hearts, and a solid grounding in the vibrant local music scene has shaped them into the musicians they are today, as frontman Danny Reposar explains: “Being surrounded by incredibly talented bands like LoatheAntihero and Bitter Youth pushed us to try and make this record the biggest and best thing to come out of the Liverpool scene to date. Having so many talented friends is always a huge inspiration for us as a band.”

The city’s laissez-faire, inclusive attitude has clearly rubbed off on them, and it’s a philosophy that they carry beyond the boundaries of the city when on tour. “The way we see it, being a Scouser is about having a certain attitude. We don’t care about your creed or colour—if you’re friendly with us we’ll be friendly with you. I think that’s why we get along easily with every band we tour with.”

With many of Reposar’s lyrics sprouting organically from an interest in searching for the etymology and definition of interesting words that he discovers, the themes on the record are as such unrestrained and wide-ranging. “We’ve never had any set themes that we write about specifically,” he admits. “It’s always a case of whatever comes to mind at the time of writing. I feel like that way we don’t give ourselves any restrictions about what we can and can’t write about.”

With ambitions to propel themselves not just beyond their home city, but across the pond to the US where they really hope to make a mark in the long term, Decay might be taking their first tentative steps on a journey that may take them where many before them have gone—from the port of Liverpool, to the land of the free.

DECAY online:

DECAY are:

Daniel Reposar – Vocalist, Lyricist
Connor Baugh – Lead Guitarist, Songwriter
Nathan Peloe – Rhythm Guitarist, Backing Vocals
Toby Hacking – Drummer, Lyricist, Songwriter
Matthew Pickford – Bassist

Modern Conversation is release on 5th July 2019 via Fox Records

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