Archemoron Keeps It Clever


Greek black metal bod keeps it to the point

Archemoron has just released his new LP, “Sulphur And Fire.” Not, however that he’s eager to talk about it.

Ask him and he says only: “The purpose and the vision of Archemoron is to touch the dark chords of everyone, who‘s interested in black/epic metal and who seeks for the lost magic in this rotten world.”


The record is out now.


1. Across the seven seas of my soul
2. I, the black desert
3. Ancient callings
4. Aristomenes
5. Sailing to the black sea
6. Lemourian silence
7. Preachers of heaven, maggots of earth
8. Omnia movens
9. Blitz
10. Lacerate the mind

Running Time: 60 minutes


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