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We remember was all about Bon Jovi, now its got a black metal band with a member called Beheader. 

Howell, NJ natives Anticosm have been making quite a name for themselves, both as talented musicians and songwriters, as well as energetic and devastating live performers. With their 3rd Born of Chaos Records release, the self-titled full-length released in August 2015, they build upon the ferocious Blackened Thrash N Roll foundation that was laid with 2009’s “Against the Cosmos” full-length and 2011‘s “The Wreckoning” EP, while being more focused on the direction the band is taking than on previous efforts, according to lead guitarist Mark “Magnus” Siedlecki.

The band, known to their fans by stage names, with their long hair, leather jackets, ripped jeans and bullet belts are a welcome throw-back to a time in metal before track suits, break-downs, and rapped lyrics, without sounding dated or recycled. Their ethos is clear, drink a lot, live life to the fullest and write crushing metal songs. Magnus and Noir’s guitar work is spectacular, writing soaring, screaming solos, all the while paying true homage to the almighty riff. Graveless’ vocal range is on full display, from the darkest gravelly death growls to skin-crawling banshee wails and ear-shattering screams. Holding the songs together throughout the mayhem is bassist Demogorgon and drummer Beheader, the latter walking the perfect line in metal drumming of knowing when to hold back and when to charge full-on, never overdoing, yet never lacking.

Anticosm is a band on its way up. Like all greats, they are doing it through writing amazing songs and memorable live shows, leaving the gimmicks to the bands that need them. These New Jersey boys are on the path to being one of the indispensible metal acts, one that all true metalheads need to have in their collection. Will you be onboard or be one of the hapless souls bowled over and left for dead?

Anticosm is:

Kirill “Graveless” Kovalevsky – Vocals
Mark “Magnus” Siedlecki – Lead Guitar
Randy “Noir” Cavanaugh – Rhythm Guitar
Chris “Demogorgon” Gorman – Bass
Ethan “Beheader” Susman – Drums

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