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Silent Line premiere their new one

Death-infused melodic metallers SILENT LINE has teamed up with Idobi Howl for the exclusive stream of their upcoming concept album ‘Shattered Shores’ due out October 23rd to follow up their 2012 LP ‘Born of Dying Star’.

The band explains the album:

“Shattered Shores” is a concept album – our first attempt at one – that depicts a tortured island stuck in time being slowly worn away by an endless ocean. Themes of frost, snow, fire, night, and stars are used to illustrate feelings of hopelessness, fear, and loss. A single person is referred to throughout the album and everything is told from their point of view as they wander, stuck on the island unsure of how they got there, and unsure if they will ever leave. Lots of references to snow and frost are used as we live in Canada, and there is a lonely but beautiful character to the long winter we experience. Another recurring theme is the storm, which brings change and renewal; it is – for lack of a better term – the symbol of hope and of a brighter future.

Overall, Shattered Shores has a melancholic feel to it. It is definitely darker than our other albums, but we feel that it is much more mature and identifiable with an audience. It’s not meant to be depressing, but it deals with real issues and lots of the time those are not pretty. While it is a darker album, the message is not. Overcoming internal issues and feelings is the prime focus, and to describe how important that is, it is necessary to spend time describing the more pessimistic side of things and what makes it so crippling. The songs are more involving and deeper in meaning and structure than our last release, and we took a step back technically on purpose. Individually, the instruments are not as “crazy” as before, but we had a vision for the songs this time, we could see the end product and knew that to get there we didn’t have to play the most technically demanding things as fast as we could. The songs, while more simple, have far more feeling and emotion than before and we are very proud of what we have produced. We hope that everyone listening to the album can find something they enjoy, something they identify with, and something that makes them want to continue listening.”

To listen to the album stream for ‘Shatterd Shores, please visit the following link: http://idobi.com/exclusive/premiere-silent-line-shattered-shores/ 

For more info, please visit: www.SilentLineOfficial.com

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