A Christmas Message From Drama And Perdition Winds


There’s a putrid black metal split out today – to be honest, they think it’s going to bring about a satanic apocalypse. Hopefully before the Queen’s speech…..

DRAMA was founded in Yeisk (Krasnodar region) in 2001. The first performance and unreleased demo followed in 2002. The debut “Silver Brilliance of Nocticula” was released in 2003. The second album “Winds Choir Opera” written in 2004 and released in 2005. In the same year the band moved to St. Petersburg and the re-released first album. Next full-length “As in Empty Grave” written in 2009 and released in 2010. In 2011 were prepared 2 songs for the new split. The line-up for this time has changed. The band members also consists in Blazing Rust, Pyre and many other projects.

Dym – Drums
Vindsarg – Guitars, Vocals
Torden – Bass

Finnish band Perdition Winds was founded in 2010 by five musicians, including members of Lie In Ruins. During its existence managed to record one mini-album and debut full-length. The track was recorded for the split in 2014, it has a duration of more than 13 minutes.

Perdition Winds:
J.K.A. – Bass
R.S. – Drums
T. K. – Guitars
R.Ä. – Guitars
J.E. – Vocals

This split – new and never unreleased previously compositions from two teams, on which work started a long time ago. The release was postponed several times, also changed the label. But now, say the band’s “finally, on December 25th, flags of Satan will ascend in the sky, and its armada overturn crosses and christmas relics of religious pigs.”


01. Create Your Death
02. Gloria Mortis

Perdition Winds
03. Cult Of Kain

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