Andy’s Best Albums Of 2015 (Part 1: 20-11)


Continuing the end of year countdown…’s the albums that mattered. 

There was someone on my Facebook feed the other day saying he wasn’t going to do a list of albums this year because it was only a list of some albums that he heard, rather than a definitive selection.

I disagree.

Have I heard every record that has come out this year? No.

Have I listened to as many as possible? Yes

Are these my favourites? Yes.

Is that good enough? You tell me.

To put it in perspective, at MV there’s two of us who review the albums. We were sent over 1000. We reviewed about 300. Some of the ones in this list. Some in this list weren’t reviewed on here, but we are still fans and we love music, so whether you agree, disagree, or couldn’t care less, this is my list.

One final disclaimer, there’s only one Midlands band on here in this 20. There have been some brilliant local albums this year, and just because they aren’t here doesn’t mean I think any less of them.

Anyway, here’s 20-11.

Band Album
Eradikator Edge Of Humanity 20
Symphony X Underworld 19
Steven Wilson Hand.Cannot.Erase 18
Bohannon’s Black Cross White Shield 17
Baroness Purple 16
Thunder Wonder Days 15
Blackberry Smoke Holdin’ All The Roses 14
Spocks Beard The Oblivion Particle 13
Gentlemen’s Pistols Hustlers Row 12
King King Reachin’ For The Light 11

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