This Swedish band have played by SXSW, now they are ready with their new record

Bult from Gothenburg, Sweden, say they deal in progressive alternative death metal.

The band released its first EP in 2009 followed by a 10” split with Iamus and another EP, both released on the indie label HoboRec. Bult’s sound is brutal and energetic, something that also reflects in the band’s live shows where merciless energy is released in combination with tight musicianship, which leaves no one unaffected. Bult is a bold live band who has performed many shows through the years, including two tours in Texas, US, and the SXSW festival in Austin. Bult has recently finished its first full length album which will be released on 12″ vinyl and digitally in July 24th 2015 by HoboRec.



Side A

1 A Crude Awakening

2 The Merciless Zero of Indifference

3 The Deluge

4 Shattered

Side B

1 The Unbreakable Barrier

2 Obliteration

3 Nebula

4 A Burnt Out Shell

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