A Brutal Tormenting


Death metallers celebrate 10 years in the crypt

As they approach their 10 year mark, MORTAL TORMENT shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, this Greek Death Metal titan has reached higher grounds in terms of musicianship. Their hard work has granted them to perform alongside death metal heavy weights such as CARCASS, DECAPITATED, DEFEATED SANITY and more.

To celebrate this decade of brutality, MORTAL TORMENT brings forth their highly anticipated sophomore album “Cleaver Redemption“, to be release October 16th via Gore House Productions. Fulled with catchy guitar lines, blast beats, cool chorus breakdowns, and some solid double-kick drumming. Twists and trills throughout the album add finesse and class without sacrificing an ounce of pure Brutal Death Metal intensity.

Featuring album art by Remedy Art (Keep of Kalessin, The Crown, Uncleansed), Cleaver Redemption was recorded at Bree Studio in Athens, Greece.

LISTEN: https://gorehouseproductions.bandcamp.com/album/cleaver-redemption
BUY: http://store.gorehouseproductions.com/mortal-torment-cleaver-redemption/
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/mortaltorment
WEB: http://mortaltorment.com/


Cleaver Redemption Tracklisting:
1. Epileptic Defecation
2. Tender/Dismember
3. A Million Skulls to Bludgeon
4. Cleaver Redemption
5. Sculpting the Dead
6. Necropitogyron
7. Masturbating the Deranged
8. Whorified
9. Fucked in the Eye Socket and Left to Die
10. Hymn to the Rotten

Giannis (Vocals)
Alex (Guitars)
Anastases (Guitars)
Angel (Bass)
George (Drums)

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