Already getting noticed by seminal post punks Sleaford Mods on their socials, the latest band to emerge from Hull’s ever-expanding independent music scene are Ketamine Kow who release their new single Shoe Shopping as we run up to the festive break – a post punk banger about relating gender identity to a well-fitting pair of shoes – yeah that’s right!

This raw and chaotic punk anthem conjures up elements of iconic bands like The FallIdlesSlaves and Shame with its searing guitar lines, while lyrically tackling the highly topical subject of gender identity and the struggle people have with gender dysphoria in an uplifting and energetic way. Lead vocalist Adam explains: “the song battles with the idea of gender identity being a lot like a pair of shoes. If you have a good comfortable well-fitting pair, then you don’t think about it and as you walk about you aren’t constantly thinking about your shoes and their comfort. But if your shoes are too small, or there’s a pebble in them, it’s all you can think about. Every step is annoying and you don’t want to do anything else until you fix the problem and your shoes stop hurting. So, I think in that sense most people probably can’t conceptualise the feeling of their gender well, because it just fits right and always has – and therefore it’s hard to imagine how all the small, normal things just constantly feel wrong, even if you are alone in your home.”

All growing up in Hull and bonding over their love of raw unfettered punk music, Ketamine Kow are Adam Stainforth (vocals), Charlie Hall (drums), Lewis Petersen (bass), Harvey Chesterman (guitar) and Max Wilson (guitar).  Taking inspiration from a wide range of alternative bands like NirvanaFugaziPixies, Wire, Yard Act and Joy Division, over the last year they’ve managed to become the youngest band to sell out Hull’s premiere music venue The Adelphi Club and bagged themselves some major support slots for bands like The Skids, Stiff Little Fingers and Hull legends LIFE! Fast getting known for a show of ‘mouth frothing energy and aggression’ at their gigs, the band return to headline The Adelphi Club on 22nd December to celebrate Christmas with their ever-growing community of fans.

With plans afoot for more recording in the New Year, Ketamine Kow are not one to follow the herd as they fast track their journey to bigger and better things. Be sure to follow them on their socials for updates, gig news and more.

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