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Meshiaak release new video

With ‘At The Edge Of The World’ being the song that many of the guys in MESHIAAK have pointed to as one of their favourite tracks from ‘Alliance Of Theives’, it’s no coincidence that it’s the second single to be released from the record with a music video. Using a beautiful visual style which was heavily inspired by the movie ’Sin City’, the video perfectly compliments the dark and brooding vocal performance of former 4ARM frontman Danny Camilleri, as well as the highly sophisticated guitar work of Teramaze’s Dean Wells. 
“I would have to say that ‘At the Edge of the World’ would be the one we’d love to get out there as a single,” notes Danny, on a panoramic journey of a song that has everything, including sophisticated arrangement, epic sweep and astonishing lyrical depth. “It’s the kind of song that would speak to people on a lot of different levels, something that most people would be able to connect with fairly easily. It’s a song that is very close to me personally, especially when it came to the lyrics. It’s where I’ve found myself in the last three years and my moments of doubt, trials and frustrations concerning experiences I’ve had to go through over that time.”

As for Dean’s picks for album highlights, he goes with “At the Edge of the World” and “Drowning, Fading, Falling,” the latter being yet another showcase for Danny’s almost Mike Patton-level versatility of vocal along with artful twin leads and Friedman-esque melodies, all atop pummelling rhythms from one of thrash’s top-shelf drumming legends. “Both those songs, to me, really capture something intangible that is hard to describe,” says Wells. “They are the most personal to me and really give off an awesome vibe and they just sound crushing (laughs). If we were to pick singles, it would be those tracks, because basically they have all the elements one could want from a modern day metal band but with an old school philosophy.”
“I’m all about being able to feel music, not just listen to it,” says Danny, summing up the Alliance of Thieves experience. “That’s what has been so cool about this whole thing—the fact that I can feel something in each song really just blows me away and leaves me with a sense of satisfaction unlike I’ve had in any of my previous work. All of the music and songs on this album basically span the last three years of my life. Some of them demonstrate a little more in depth than others. It really is a very personal album for me and somewhat therapeutic. To say that music has saved my life is a total understatement. I wore my heart on my sleeve in some of these tracks and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Writing and tracking this album really gave me strength and purpose at the times I needed it most.”
Check out the video for Drowning, Falling, Fading here

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