If you’ve a hankering for something a bit different to the standard indie/alternative-rock scene, Verity White and her forthcoming EP ‘Distilled’ — due for release in Summer and now available for pre-order —may be just what you’re looking for.

Drawing inspiration from ‘90s stalwarts Skunk Anansie and Tori Amos; from electronica, like the duo Lamb and CHRVCHES; and from bands like Paramore and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Verity and her co-writer and husband, Alex White, weave together synth parts, driving riffs and impassioned vocals to create alternative music that’s rich in emotional charge, meaning and impact.

Verity’s lyrics honestly engage with important issues of the here and now, such as her own struggles with ADHD and mental health. They champion female empowerment, aim to bring people together and connect them through openness and hope.

As a performer, Verity has swiftly built up an impressive rep. for her accomplished live shows, full of verve, energy and charisma. Throughout the UK and abroad, she’s wowed gig-goers at festivals and venues. She’s supported Pendragon and Toyah, and has also graced the stages at Lechlade, The Loverocks and Giants of Rock, and has shows booked in 2022 at Rockin’ the Bowl, HRH and Breaking Bands.

What’s more, Verity and Alex have also impressed audiences with intimate acoustic shows, such as at London Zoo and for the national BBC Airwaves Festival, where their stripped-back set led BBC broadcaster Dominic Cotter to proclaim, “What a voice!”

Verity has earned several accolades: Listeners of Guy B’s Rockshow’s votes put her in the Top 10 Bands of the Year of 2019 and 2020, and she came in as runner-up in 2021. She was also named Radio Wigwam’s Female Artist of the Year 2019, and nominated for an Impact award by HRH in 2021 for her work live-streaming and keeping spirits high through lockdown.

Verity’s new album, ‘Distilled’ is now available for pre-order from her website https://www.veritywhite.com/ in a variety of bundles, including a mega-bundle (with the EP, an A3 art print, signed photo, two t-shirts (a ‘Distilled’ tee and also one VW logo choice of either purple or blue) for £47.50; a midi-bundle (as above, but with only the ‘Distilled’ tee, £32); a mini-bundle (‘Distilled’ tee and EP, £20); and also just the CD, £5.

As Verity explains, “‘Distilled’ is the culmination of many months work for Alex and me, as we worked to find our new sound as a two-piece and to ‘distill’ our essence into it. We’re excited to be taking a more electronic route for this EP, something that we’ve always loved, and to blend this with the alt-rock riffs that we also adore. We both listen to such a variety of Music we often find it hard to pin-point our sound – but we’re proud of this music and we hope you like it too!”

Website: www.veritywhite.com 
Twitter: www.twitter.com/veebear
Facebook: www.facebook.com/veritywhiteband
Instagram: www.instagram.com/Original_Verity
YouTube: www.youtube.com/TheVeeBear
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0OcXV5EAZvBFqOu3EjVX5N