Follow up album announced

Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions  follow up the hugely successful 2013 LP “When…?”, a commercial and critical hit, with the LP  “Now and Then….!”

Recorded in Dublin and Norwich throughout the spring of 2016, Now and Then…! is the sound of a collaboration that has grown together and are more confident about their abilities.

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In 2013 when the announcement was made that Steve Ignorant was returning to recording with a bunch of Irish reprobates, some were sceptical, not least the band themselves…but the resultant deliberately lo-fi angry slab of vinyl sold very well and garnered a lot of support.

Three years on, with gigs ranging from pubs and clubs in the UK to festival slots in America and Canada, the band have recorded Now and Then…! The material is a combination of new songs and reworked songs from Steve Ignorant’s post-Crass days and Paranoid Visions unreleased or underplayed material. The production is rich, the artwork is beautifully colourful and the material has been very well received at shows throughout 2015 and 2016. Music ranging from the Gang of Four-esque “Look Mummy Clowns” or “Bleak Town Revisited” to the Ramonesy “Loudmouth” , the dark “Fan the Flames” or speed punk of “Something More” shows the band as creatively adept and eclectic as ever. But the powerful recordings of Schwartzeneggar’s “Art and Craft” , Stratford Mercenaries “No More Running” and “Where is Love” demonstrate a passionate vocalist who still believes every word he said and believed at the time they were originally released.

The album is released in a limited edition of 700 purple vinyl pressing with CD

The album will be launched at the 100 Club in London on Friday 30th Sept and in Dublin at Hanger 2 on 8th Oct

Track listing:

Look Mummy, Clowns/ Loudmouth/ Strange Girl (2016)/ Something More/

Fan The Flames/ Where Is Love?/ Bleak Town Revisited/ Art And Craft/ No More Running/ War

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