….The French band that promises “Hot Sauce”

 The french band Lady Flint is glad to announce the release of their first LP.
The band sent it to us, with a note that said: “All poisoned-rock, rough-blues and hot sauce lovers are invited to listen to it, to their heart’s content.” Ok then!

Here’s what you need to know. Lady Flint is an explosive two-piece band, born in 2012 after a collision between two mavericks coming from the rock nebula of Marseille, France (Tony More: Guitar/Vocals, Gran Dav: Drums). With its strong stage experience, the band quickly found a place within the local underground music scene.
In February 2014, the release of a 5 tracks EP and a video clip allowed Lady Flint to be publicized in some media and to export its vision of rock n’roll beyond its town of origin.