Motörhead… a life force, an energy, an attitude and the loudest, meanest, dirtiest music to smash the 20th and 21st centuries. With a bastard sound comprising an unholy synergy of rock, punk and heavy metal, Motörhead come coated in relentless, ear-curdling power. They were life-changing for millions.
Leading the charge for their entire 40 year career, was the cultural icon Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, who swashbuckled around stages, streets and over seas like a glorious Mad Max pirate truth-sayer, roaring for the good and screaming at the wankers. With his propulsive sound and lyrical might leading the charge, Motörhead released twenty-two studio albums over those four decades, amassing chart topping records worldwide, a Grammy award and racking up around 20 million sales. Their hit song, ‘Ace Of Spades’, became Motörhead’s anthem, perfectly capturing their attitude for millions, and punching giant holes in stereos worldwide to this day.
Nothing was harder, nothing was faster, nothing packed more raw attitude and certainly nothing was louder, making Motörhead a cultural elixir that was regularly imbibed across all genre lines.
Lemmy has even been adopted this year by the Movember movement as one of the most iconic moustache wearers in history, inspiring men around the world to grow their chops to raise funds for cancer charities. Lemmy sadly passed away in 2015 as a result of this cruel disease.

And now today, for the first time ever, you can celebrate Motörhead’s entire career with the definitive collection of their greatest hits, Everything Louder Forever. Spanning their entire 40 year history with standard and deluxe formats, it is available to buy everywhere today, and to stream through your speakers turned right up to 11!
In addition, very special Everything Louder Forever club nights with giveaways & competitions are taking place this weekend at the following venues: Satans Hollow (Manchester), Rock City (Nottingham), Cathouse (Glasgow), Underworld (London), Corporation (Sheffield), Two Pigs (Cheltenham), The Lanes (Bristol), Fuel (Cardiff), Legends (Edinburgh), Key Club (Leeds).

And you can also win copies of Everything Louder Forever in conjunction with Motörhead beer at the following pubs & bars : Helgis (London), Slouch (Glasgow), Café Bar 10 (Forfar), Waterloo Bar (Blackpool), Fuel (Cardiff), Ship & Anchor (Southport), Northern Guitars (Leeds), Angel (Durham), Trillians (Newcastle), Delta Lounge (Newcastle).
To see what you might look like with a Lemmy Moustache, try this handy filter!
Sign up to grow your Lemmy mo’ here: www.movember.com/lemmy
See below for full details of the Everything Louder Forever and be sure to visit www.iMotorhead.com for news and updates!

We Are Motörhead
Rock It
Brotherhood Of Man
In The Name Of Tragedy
The Thousand Names Of God
Love For Sale
Killed By Death
I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)
Smiling Like A Killer
Queen Of The Damned
Keys To The Kingdom
Cradle To The Grave
Lost Johnny
The Game
 Ace Of Spades
Stone Dead Forever
Bad Woman
Just Cos You Got The Power
Stay Out Of Jail
No Class
I Am The Sword
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
God Save The Queen
Iron Fist
Rock Out
Dirty Love
Overnight Sensation
On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
I Ain’t No Nice Guy
Choking On Your Screams
Also available as 2CD, 2LP, 4LP, digital download, streaming and Sony 360 spatial audio.

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