We Run This City


And we are winning the Ashes (again)

At the core of WE KEEP THE CITY RUNNING is a five-piece band;Christopher Wolf (vocals, guitar), JJ Saddington (guitar, programming), Buddy Bowen (bass, vocals), Alice Evans (violin, keys, glockenspiel) and Tim Storey (drums).

WE KEEP THE CITY RUNNING‘s sound lies somewhere between the soaring, tremolo-driven textures of instrumental rock, the sonic wash of early 90’s guitar bands and a densely layered – Pet Sounds influenced – wall of sound.

The idea behind the band name is influenced by society – the idea that we are all important, that everybody plays their part. No matter how small. The same concept lends itself to the music of WKTCR; guitar solos and overblown, grandiose rockstar indulgences are eschewed in favour of a collage of densely layered, smaller sounds – all working together to make something greater than the sum of its parts.

WKTCR currently perform as a stand alone band, though are in the process of putting together a larger collective of musicians to help us perform these songs live. As a collective, the core band perform with a surrounding ‘orchestra’ – a group of people who bring an extra dimension to the sound and dynamic.

Ashes represents the beginning for WKTCR – a statement of intent. Pounding drums, a tremolo attack of guitars and a call and response chorus.

Relics deals with the themes of loss, the hopefulness of youth and and the pressure of modern society. The initial optimism provided by a world of plenty is replaced by the grief of a punishing reality. In the end, we’re all relics of our own past, and the final refrain questions: Could have done anything to change it?


These two songs are the foundations for a more ambitious, more expansive project. This is where it begins, this is WE KEEP THE CITY RUNNING.

Ashes & Relics will be made available digitally via Bandcamp from Friday 23 October, Ashes is currently available to stream HERE.


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