Today, New England hardcore band War Criminal has shared a new video for their track “No Way Out”. The song stems from their latest EP, God Failed Me, and centers around feeling stuck in your own head while battling depression and anxiety. Now more than ever these struggles are all too common and the video sets out to depict the war in one’s head versus the American plight between authority figures and everyday citizens. In conjunction with the release, War Criminal will be donating all merchandise and album sales to the Maine chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for the month of February. Fans can help lend their support on Bandcamp or through the band’s merch store.

Speaking on the release, the band stated:

“We are in times no one ever thought we’d have to face. The world as we know changes by the day in ways we never thought we’d see. We’ve been knocked down with our hands tied and backs turned to us. Even worse we’ve forgotten we’re all in this deep water together. It’s on us to help keep each other afloat.”

Forming at the end 2017; the New England Hardcore band War Criminal was created by Ryan Hill and Jamie Way out of Bangor, Maine. In September 2018, they released their debut EP titled Suffer, followed up by regional tours and playing shows with bands like Cruel Hand, Knocked Loose, Terror, Jesus Piece, and more. Shortly after their first release, Anthony Brown joined on guitar, and in 2020, Tyler Lamkins joined on drums to complete the band. On their latest release, God Failed Me, War Criminal rips through five in-your-face tracks that delve into the band’s personal experiences of betrayal, loss, and depression. Each track brings a dark, evil, & heavy turn to hardcore with morbid lyrics, thrash riffs, and hard-hitting drums. The EP was recorded with Evan Sammons (The Contortionist) and Ryan Paolilli (Kaonashi) performed drums on the release. With God Failed Me, War Criminal has crafted the perfect response to a tumultuous year.

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