Polish progressive Rock masters RIVERSIDE are releasing a special edition 2CD+DVD version of their current and successful “Wasteland” album today via InsideOutMusic.

Check a static video for the “Out Of Myself – Acoustic” track online here:

A video clip for the “Wasteland” title track was launched previously here: https://youtu.be/6dLf45s67hM


RIVERSIDE’s Mariusz Duda checked in with the following comment about the release:
I am really glad that “Wasteland”, one of our most important albums, is available as an extended release. Now, together with the surround version, videoclips and acoustic tracks, which we played when we were promoting the album in stores, it is truly complete. One might ask why this material is out a year after the original release date of the album. Well, simply because we did not have it all before. But I think it’s a nice Xmas present and a really good summary of the album before the final leg of the Wasteland tour in March and April 2020.”

The “Wasteland – Hi-Res Stereo and Surround Mix” 2CD+DVD (as pictured above!) comes as Digipak format with an additional Slipcase and includes a DVD bonus disc of “Wasteland” as Hi-Res Stereo 24bit version and as Surround Mix (4.1), plus 3 video clips. This special edition also contains 5 previously unreleased acoustic tracks/versions on a separate CD.
Here is the exact tracklisting for the 3-Disc release:


CD 1 – “Wasteland” Album (50:58 min.):


  1. The Day After (01:48)
  2. Acid Rain (06:03)
  3. Vale Of Tears (04:49)
  4. Guardian Angel (04:24)
  5. Lament (06:09)
  6. The Struggle For Survival (09:32)
  7. River Down Below (05:41)
  8. Wasteland (08:25)
  9. The Night Before (03:59)

CD 2 – “Acoustic Session” (26:48 min.):


  1. Vale Of Tears – Acoustic (05:18)
  2. Out Of Myself – Acoustic (03:57)
  3. 02 Panic Room – Acoustic (03:26)
  4. River Down Below – Acoustic (05:01)
  5. Wasteland – Live Intro (09:00)


DVD (122:20 min.):


“Wasteland” Hi-Res Stereo (50:58 min.):

  1. The Day After (Hi-Res Stereo) (01:48)
  2. Acid Rain (Hi-Res Stereo) (06:03)
  3. Vale Of Tears (Hi-Res Stereo) (04:49)
  4. Guardian Angel (Hi-Res Stereo) (04:24)
  5. Lament (Hi-Res Stereo) (06:09)
  6. The Struggle For Survival (Hi-Res Stereo) (09:32)
  7. River Down Below (Hi-Res Stereo) (05:41)
  8. Wasteland (Hi-Res Stereo) (08:25)
  9. The Night Before (Hi-Res Stereo) (03:59)

“Wasteland” Surround Mix (50:58 min.):

  1. The Day After (Surround Mix) (01:48)
  2. Acid Rain (Surround Mix) (06:03)
  3. Vale Of Tears (Surround Mix) (04:49)
  4. Guardian Angel (Surround Mix) (04:24)
  5. Lament (Surround Mix) (06:09)
  6. The Struggle For Survival (Surround Mix) (09:32)
  7. River Down Below (Surround Mix) (05:41)
  8. Wasteland (Surround Mix) (08:25)
  9. The Night Before (Surround Mix) (03:59)

Video-Clips (20:24 min.):

  1. Lament (Official Video) (06:11)
  2. River Down Below (Official Video) (05:40)
  3. Wasteland (Official Video) (08:33)

Order RIVERSIDE’s “Wasteland – Hi-Res Stereo and Surround Mix” 2CD+DVD here:

The 5 previously unreleased acoustic tracks/versions of the “Acoustic Session” are also available as separate Digital EP as of today here:


Check out the singles launched for RIVERSIDE’s “Wasteland” here:
“Lament”: https://youtu.be/4Wqlts7QWA8
“River Down Below”: https://youtu.be/ZS1crIkpnwc
“Vale Of Tears”: https://youtu.be/001IMO53JwY
“Wasteland” (live clip): https://youtu.be/-ygv3BBqv3U

The dates for RIVERSIDE’s next European tour in February & March 2020 are as follows:

26.02. Madrid (Spain) – MON Live
27.02. Barcelona (Spain) – Salamandra 1
29.02. Milano (Italy) – Legend Club
01.03. Treviso (Italy) – New Age Club
03.03. Lubljana (Slovenia) – Kino Šiška
05.03. Zagreb (Croatia) – Tvornica Kulture
06.03. Novi Sad (Serbia) – Pozorište Mladih
07.03. Thessaloniki (Greece) – Principal Club Theater
08.03. Athens (Greece) – Gagarin 205 Live Music Space
10.03. Istanbul (turkey) – Zorlu PAC
11.03. Sofia (Bulgaria) – Music Jam Club
12.03. Bucharest (Romania) – Quantic Club
13.03. Cluj-Napoca (Romania) – /FORM SPACE
15.03. Budapest (Hungary) – Barba Negra
Tickets: https://riversideband.pl/en/with-the-sun-tour-2020


RIVERSIDE – “I’m Your Private Wasteland Tour 2020″
16.04. Wrocław (Poland) – A2

17.04. Gliwice (Poland) – Arena Gliwice

18.04. Kraków (Poland) – Studio

19.04. Warszawa (Poland) – Progresja

25.04. Gdańsk (Poland) – Stary Maneż

26.04. Poznań (Poland) – Sala Ziemi












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