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Swedish band release new record

Swedish Melodic Death Metal band CIRCLE OF INDIFFERENCE  released their second full length album “Welcome to War” on March 31st.

CIRCLE OF INDIFFERENCE have returned with the follow up to their debut album “Shadows of Light”. Moving away from the one man band format as on the prior release,main man Dagfinn Övstrud is still soundly at the helm of CIRCLE OF INDIFFERENCE although leaning on key contributions from the other members of the band.

Returning once more to perform vocal duties is Brandon L. Polaris, all solos are again written and performed by Tyler Teeple & providing his drumming and keyboarding expertise for the first time to the project is Kostas Vassilakis (Infravision). Although none of the members of the band have ever met in person, they all contribute to the project in their own way to make CIRCLE OF INDIFFERENCE what it is today.

“Welcome to War” features 8 new tracks of Melodic Death Metal in a concept album format, offering short glimpses into the lives of two soldiers on either side of WWII, from their enlistment to the end of the conflict.

“Welcome to War” is available now to purchase on the Band’s bandcamp page. Spotify, iTunes and all major online outlets will follow during April & May 2016.
CIRCLE OF INDIFFERENCE - Welcome to War cover art_zpsrwvsduoi
01. Conscription -04:33-
02. Einberufung (Conscription) -05:26-
03. From This I Depart -05:35-
04. Menschenmörder (Murderer Of Man) -05:05-
05. Welcome To War -06:28-
06. Kein Entkommen (No Escape) -04:22-
07. Veil Of Despair -05:03-
08. Ein Akt Der Güte (An Act Of Kindness) -07:45-
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