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New album from black metallers

For the past 6 years, Ontario-dwelling black metal doom fusionists VOW OF THORNS have been conceptualizing albums and pushing the boundary between aggressive and emotional. What once served as an anagram for Kevin Hawthorne’s solo work is now a joint effort with Dustin Richards, where the duo has quickly become one of the most intimidating musical ventures to date. The duo have been constructing songs unanimously and without interruption in a seamless writing process to craft work fueled by their musical and environmental influences. Their new album‘Farewell To The Sun’ is set for release on July 15, 2016 to follow the 2013 debut EP ‘Forest Dweller’. Constantly shifting between disparaging black metal vocals and triumphant guitar hooks dripping with doom-encrusted bass riffs and theatrical drums. The band pairs the forces of black metal and doom, blending the two styles with ease while maintaining a certain sense of tension and uncertainty in the air. 

To hear their first single and the album’s opening track ‘Meeting On The Astral Plane’, please visit the following link:

‘Meeting on the Astral Plane’ tells the story of one man’s escape from physical reality to a place of infinite possibilities; an existence free of mortal boundaries. The escape, however, is only temporary and he must return to his lowly existence and face himself, which he does in the following track ‘Great Abomination’. His experience on the astral plane leads him to believe that death may be the ultimate escape. As our protagonist’s experience progresses so does the music. From the triumphant march of the opening riff to the crushing doom encased ending.” comments guitarist D. Richards.


1. Meeting On The Astral Plane (10:30)
2. Great Abomination (5:07)
3. Farewell To The Sun Part I (4:28)
4. Farewell To The Sun Part II (10:32)
5. Farewell To The Sun Part III (7:51)
6. Doomed Woods (12:39)
Album Length: 51:10

For more info, please visit: http://www.vowofthorns.com.


Upcoming Show Dates:
July 12 – Montreal, QC – Casa Del Popolo – info
July 13 – TBA
July 14 – Toronto, ON – Coalition T.O. – info
July 15 – Hamilton, ON – The Doors Pub
July 16 – London, ON – Old East Bar & Grill

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