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The oncoming onslaught of metal that is VANTABLACK WARSHIP has been fine tuning its craft to set sail with their debut self-titled EP set to be unleashed on October 9th, 2015 through Bandcamp and iTunes. But before its release, the five-piece juggernaut has teamed up with MetalUniverse.net for the exclusive premiere of their first single ‘The Pit’, which can be heard at the following link: http://www.metaluniverse.net/nouvelles.php?id_nouvelle=24887 

Like the slow churn of a mechanical wheel grinding metal, the warship produces a punishing onslaught of sound from start to finish. Lyrically, the dreadnought writing forces are their bassist and vocalist, who focus on themes surrounding current events, horror, and politics – sometimes all rolled into one song.

VANTABLACK WARSHIP’s crew is comprised of Yannick (Pil) Pilon (Arseniq33, Buffalo Theory MTL) at the helm on vocals, Pat Gordon (Ghoulunatics, Les Ekorchés, Leprocy, Buffalo Theory Mtl) on guitar, Pierre Pitre (Arseniq33, Foreshadow) manning the drums, Thierry Hivon (Brutal Chérie, Sarkasm) rigging the guitar,  and Kurt Clifford (Foreshadow) anchoring the bass .


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