US Black Metallers Return With A Dark New Piece


New album based on Finnish national treasure

U.S. Black Metallers NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS have released The Child Must Die. The music and art are based on the Finnish national epic The Kalevala (poetic book with a Collection of Myths and Legends that occupies a prominent place in the Finnish identity), with most songs adapted directly from passages from the text.  Stylistically, this is Finnish/US atmospheric Black Metal with a concept based on the Kalevala. It is epic, melodic, aggressive and personal at once!

Mika Mage (Lawrence’s Creation) – guitar, bass, composer
Joel Robert Thompson (Omelas) – vocals

Guest Members:
Lawrence Wallace (Shadows in the Crypt, Lawrence’s Creation, Serpent ov Old) – keys
Kol Slavv (ex-Black Crown Initiate, ex-Single Bullet Theory, ex-Aborted Existence) – drums

Infernal Kommando Records:

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