On 14th May Demon Records is proud to release three Frank Black albums which have never been available on vinyl before.
Each is lovingly issued on 140g coloured vinyl: ‘Frank Black Francis‘ will be available as 2LPs on white vinyl, ‘Honeycomb’ on translucent-honey vinyl and ‘Fast Man Raider Man‘ as 2LPs on translucent vinyl.
These three releases are part of an ongoing series of twelve vinyl Frank Black / Black Francis reissues in 2021.
Frank Black Francis‘ includes solo acoustic demos from 1987 ahead of the first Pixies Studio session. Plus, a second LP of revisited classic Pixies songs.  And as Frank Black elucidates: “It had come to my attention that a forgotten old demo, recorded by my own hand on my own boom box in my old apartment, had resurfaced and would I be willing to release it?  As a time capsule it seemed fairly interesting, but as a full release it seemed lacking for the customers; and so while I was in London, waiting for something to happen in my lovesick life, Keith Moliné and Andy Diagram, David Thomas’ Two Pale Boys, took me into their atelier and let me cry into my lager while they helped me augment the demo from the crypt.  At some point, I think I took off into the night and encouraged them to do whatever the hell they wanted; I think I may have been a bit of a drag on the session.  Being the consummate professionals they are (they had played on the Catholic’s SHOW ME YOUR TEARS record recently, so I know they were…very good eggs) Keith and Andy really did not have a problem with this lost man paradigm, and I think their deconstructive and self-referential art methods are absolutely lovely.  Their treatment of PLANET OF SOUND remains one of my favorite versions.
2005’s ‘Honeycomb’ is an album of Nashville collaborations with legendary musicians including Steve Cropper, ex-Presley guitarist Reggie Young, Anton Fig and Spooner Oldham. Featuring ‘I Burn Today‘, ‘Lone Child” and ‘Honeycomb‘ plus unusually for a Frank Black album, it has 3 cover songs, including “Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day” by Doug Sahm.
While ‘Fast Man Raider Man‘, released in 2006, is a double album backed by a team of all star musicians: Al Kooper, Bob Babbitt, Levon Helm, Lyle Workman, Steve Cropper, Jim Keltner, Rick Gilbert, Simon Kirke, Ian McLagan, Chester Thompson, Dave Philips and Spooner Oldham. The album includes, ‘Johnny Barleycorn‘, ‘In The Time Of My Ruin‘ and ‘If Your Poison Gets You‘.
In regard to ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Fast Man Raider Man‘ Frank Black explains:
“In my last year of high school there was a show some of the students put on at the close of the year; one of the faculty played a bit of organ and wanted to do an old number, and he brought me and a few other fellers together to do IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR, a classic penned by Wilson Pickett and Steve Cropper. We did an encore of the tune at the big dance a few weeks later. I didn’t really know who Steve Cropper was at the time, but of course, I would eventually. Years later my ambition to touristically pay homage to BLONDE ON BLONDE picked up pace when my friend Jon Tiven and producer for these sessions moved to Nashville and reminded me (as he did every 6 months for 10 years) about my little tourist trip idea. From the embers of burned up marriage is always a fine place to workshop some tunes, and so to Nashville I did go, and wouldn’t you know that Steve Cropper himself was there with guitar in hand? He arrived along with other legendary types, too numerous to list here now, many of whom were veterans of Dylan sessions themselves; typical  band conversation in Dan Penn’s laundry room, where we put the amps: “Didja y’all play on that LAND OF 1000 DANCES?” “Yeah, I think I was on that one…”.  I kept my head down and did my best to be a band leader, wondering if I was in way over my lowered head. It turns out I was in way over my head, but the pickers and tinklers from the American rock and roll canon were real swell about the whole affair and walked me through it. For the next sessions on FMRM we moved over to Cowboy Jack Clement’s house and I continued my dubious role as ringleader; an image of a fully suited Levon Helm, the late shift drummer for the session one night, arriving in a protective cloud of cannabinoid myst at 3am, exuding gentlemanly camaraderie and veteran charm: this remains my greatest memory. I can’t say I rang every bell I tried to ring, but these records were such a burst of energy that allowing the burst to be the burst was the view of choice. I am most proud of those songs I penned with my good friend Reid Paley, who has been an influence since the early Pixies’ days.”
To purchase Frank Black Francis go to:
To purchase Honeycomb go to:
To purchase Fast Man Raider Man go to:
The series of 2021 releases in full:
9 of these 12 releases have never been released on vinyl before.
19-Feb-21 Frank Black – The Cult Of Ray (Blue Vinyl)
previously available on vinyl in 1996
19-Feb-21Frank Black – Oddballs (Silver Vinyl)
b sides compilation previously available on vinyl in 2013
14-May-21  Francis Black Francis (White Vinyl)
                                2LP previously unavailable on vinyl
14-May-21  Honeycomb (Translucent Honey Vinyl)
                                previously unavailable on vinyl
14-May-21 Fast Man Raider Man (Translucent Vinyl)
                                2LP previously unavailable on vinyl
02-July- 21 Black Francis- Bluefinger (Red Vinyl)
                                previously unavailable on vinyl
02-July- 21 Black Francis – Live at the Hotel Utah Saloon (Blue Vinyl)
                                2LP previously unavailable on vinyl
03-Sep-21 Black Francis – Svn Fngrs  (White Vinyl)
                                previously unavailable on vinyl
03-Sep-21 Black Francis – Live in Nijmegen (Clear Vinyl)
                                2LP previously unavailable on vinyl
26-Nov-21 Black Francis – NonStopErotik ( Silver Vinyl)
                                previously unavailable on vinyl
26-Nov-21 Black Francis –  The Golem (White Vinyl)
                                previously unavailable on vinyl
26-Nov-21 Paley & Francis – Paley & Francis (Clear Vinyl)
                                previously unavailable on vinyl
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