The Bloody Nerve continue to roll out their hard-hitting, episodically released, powerhouse concept album ‘All Blood, No Treasure’, soon opening the awesome Third Act, ‘Ruins’ with Episode 7: ‘Hard Hard Winter’ which will be available on all digital platforms 17th March. 

Today, the band share a lyric video before the official video is out on day of release.

The Bloody Nerve fuses together the formidable talents of singer/guitarist Stacey Blood and powerhouse vocalist Laurie Ann Layne. Together, the duo generates an impressive tsunami of sound and rock energy and remain committed to this innovative album release.

 Filled with meaning and message, this album is being released in phased instalments: act-by-act, episode-by-episode, building up tension and anticipation over time.  Each single carries its own standalone feel and meaning, but together build up a broader, interconnected work of art and message.

 ‘Hard, Hard Winter’ opens with brooding synthesiser and drums. Laurie explains, “Since Act II, we’ve been able to acquire some new gear that’s allowed us to expand into some synth sounds, which is new territory for us.  But it lends that dark, junky feel that Act lll really needs to earn its place in the album’s timeline” 

“It’s hard to know what is good until you know what is bad,” says Stacey, “Like, really bad.  How bad can it get?  Most people don’t explore that.  Act III takes us into the back corner of the basement.  But it’s not just dejection; it’s horror.  It’s a controlled demolition.” 
Stacey explains further: “Episode 7 really deals with being decoupled from familiarity and what was once reality.  It’s the downward spiral that just keeps going.  It gets colder and colder and so far gone that we finally accept that the only way out of the situation is through it.  No going back.” –  

Check out The Bloody Nerve’s lytic video: ‘Act 3, Episode 7: Hard Hard Winter’ Available to download and stream March 17th and watch for both the remaining Episodes of the Act and the following 3-track EP for Act III: Ruins, along with the limited-edition CD that will also be released.


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