Time For Your Punishment


And if you like death n gore you’ll love it. 

Glutton fro Punishment have just released their new album, “Purified In Blood”.

Glutton for Punishment was started by Rob Carlson and Ken Coy out of the ashes of Tempestuous in 2003 in Minneapolis, MN USA. The songs were meant to be more thrash/death metal then what they were previously doing with Tempestuous.

They recorded 5 songs. Three songs with Al Towne- vocals (Si6ks, Mastiff, We are Legion), Pete Follingstad- guitar (Unurth, Tempestuous, Putrid Christ), Jn Magnuson- Bass (Avalanche, Tempestuous) Andy Radio- bass (Ripsnorter), Ken Coy- drums (Unurth, 21st Century Sin, Tempestuous) and Rob (Unurth, Tempestuous, Krepitus, Ripsnorter, Sadistic Passage) playing guitar on all five and doing vocals on two of the five songs. Al moved on in 2004 and Glutton for Punishment continued to write, but became dormant until Rob resurrected it in 2013 with Tony Garfield.

The band is now more death metal with less of a thrash sound as they had before, with some of the old songs ripped apart and re-wrote. November of 2013 Glutton for Punishment recorded two demo tracks with Rob doing vocals to get the name out there again. February 1st Glutton for Punishment will begin recording their first full length with their new vocalist Dan Schreier for release spring 2014. Oh yeah, Craig joined the band and then left the band. Now in April of 2014 we welcome Aaron Whitesides and Gil Wick! As of 2015 Dan Schreier left the band.

1. Narcotized 03:31
2. Purified in Blood 03:21
3. Forfeit the Soul 04:10
4. Incessant Hatred 03:17
5. Bound to be Dead 03:36
6. Insanity Prevails 03:23
7. Superior Supremacy 03:40
8. Homicidal Impulse 04:19

Web Site:
Band Members:
Rob Carlson – Guitar/Vocals 
Tony Garfield – Drums 
Aaron Whitesides -Vocals/Guitar 
Gil Wick – Bass



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