Manny Blu has released the first official music video from his latest release Country Punk EP today. An animated visual performance for his track “Prove Me Wrong,” the music video is available to watch here.

“Prove Me Wrong,” is a song of firsts for Blu. Not only is it the first breakup song that he has added to his catalog, it is also the first music video that he has had his hand in directing. Produced by Wingman Productions and directed by Blu himself, the music video envelops fans into the storyline of Country Punk EP as it expresses the emotions of a breakup anthem through a live performance video. Overall, the video creates a statement by utilising strobe lights and vibrant colours to depict the electric energy of heartbreak and angst.

“The vision of the video was to make it feel like chaos accompanied by colorful lighting” explained Blu when describing how the video and lyrics feed off each other. “I felt like a performance video would capture my feelings towards the song best. It went together pretty well.” 

Blu kicked off 2022 with the release of Country Punk EP. The five-track project brings his vision for Country Punk full circle with hard-hitting instrumentation and lyrics that express raw emotions. Along with the release of his EP, Blu has also announced that he will be joining Dallas Smith on his Some Things Never Change tour in Canada starting May 24th, with James Barker BandShawn AustinMeghan PatrickKelly Prescott, and JoJo Mason