The Vessel Of Death?


Surrey based post hardcore mob release a new album

Channelling soaring melodies reminiscent of Secret and Whisper, whilst embracing the more introspective moments of early Incubus, Cute Cute Death had its earliest beginnings in 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa, before they firmly planted their roots in the alternative hotbed of Kingston-upon-Thames. Front-man Niko Forster, throws a wrench in the works (and sometimes at the crowd) with his chaotic growls and vocal swirls that are sure to twist and contort your eardrums. Holding down the beats like a metronomic wind-up waving cat, Wayne Kopman locks his groove in with the spider fingered ruminations of Robert Pipe, who despite his youthful appearance, is no stranger to the bass guitar. Perfectly overlaying the groove regulators, guitar duo Johnny Correia (Lead) and Ricky Gurung (Rhythm) set the scene with their six string shenanigans, paving the way for the full force vocal onslaughts to follow.

Having walked the boards of London and its surroundings with the likes of Broadway (USA) and They Say Fall, as well as under-appreciated scene stalwarts ‘Flood of Red’, CUTE CUTE DEΔTH have quickly become known for their consistently ferocious delivery of tastefully tuned melodic morsels which have been received with gusto and supported by both their musical brethren and a growing bed of fans. No stranger to touring the nation’s highways and byways, the quintet have also constantly served their time on the road. And with many shows already penned for the Spring and Summer, the band’s fiery ball of momentum is only growing with intensity.


CUTE CUTE DEΔTH have certainly fulfilled their manifesto with their debut album ‘Vessels’. With ten cuts of original post-hardcore that call to mind everyone from UK progressive titans ‘SikTh’ and the majestic ‘Glassjaw’ through to early Incubus, this is a record that will challenge and above all gratify the listener with its unique structuring and adept phrasing. CUTE CUTE DEΔTH have bravely swayed from the typical post-hardcore formula and the result is a highly inventive record that boasts enough hooks to snare a school of whales.

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