King of the Dead are a brand-new Horror Rock band. The band is a celebration of the macabre and the weird, with a focus on theatrics, anthemic music and a visual style reminiscent of horror films and comic books.

The story started with “Control”, which the Familiar described as about the circumstances that lead a person to that gives themselves to forces that they don’t quite understand as a means of escaping their everyday existence. This release was followed by “Destroy My Name”, a song about purging yourself of the shackles of everything you have ever been and becoming something else. Now, with the latest offering of “Running out of Time” which sees Shah stretching even more with deep and dark subject matter.

“The sands of time wait for no man. You stand still and are consumed in the shadow of the setting sun, or you move forward into the unknown blinded by the glow. Your fate is still being written, but who will be the author?” States The Familiar.

King of the Dead are telling a story through a series of songs, videos and updates from an enigmatic masked individual; the Familiar. He is the public face of the band, an individual that sits between worlds; the earthly realisation of mysterious ancient forces. The band are currently in the middle of five releases that make up the prologue; The Summoning. It is a tale of sacrifice, possession and the occult.

You have gotten here at the beginning; the scope of the storytelling is expanding. Follow the upcoming release for surprises, shocking revelations and eternal damnation…

Running out of Time is a breath of fresh musical air in an important time within the UK music industry and for UK Rock n’Roll especially.


The band is:
Shah – Vocals, Guitar
Oddi – Bass
Aldoir – Drums

Instagram: @kotdband
tiktok: @kotdband
Facebook: /kotdband

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