Having completed a monumental, and universally acclaimed tour of the UK and Europe in 2016 – and as the acknowledged star of every festival and venue at which she performed – Lisa Mills is back in 2017 to give her burgeoning audiences even more of what they simply could not get enough of last year.

Mills will showcase her latest, now officially released, labour of love – and it is genuinely that – Mama’s Juke Book, a collection of classic songs collated by Mills’ best friend and biggest fan, her late mother, found in a tattered notebook years after her passing. Mills’ interpretation of these songs, many of them familiar, others destined to become so, are taken to heights that only Mills is seemingly able to reach.

Mills will also include selections from her aptly named Tempered in Fire album, and the deeply personal and introspective I’m Changing. As a bonus for 2017, the ever-evolving Mills will give first airings to some new, as yet unrecorded work destined for her next project.

And that’s one of the many beauties of her live performances. How a woman, flying solo accompanied only by her faithful archtop guitar “Evangeline” and a seldom-referenced set list can hold an audience, breathless, in her hand with barely a whisper one second, and the next erupt into a soaring crescendo that creates the illusion of a full band that only she seems able to know the limits to, is at once thrilling and mystifying. As is often overheard at her concerts, “How on earth does she do that?!”

Sunday, 02/07/2017, Jazz Festival, Burton Agnes Hall, Driffield, E. Yorkshire.

Tuesday, 04/07/2017, Mrs Yarringtons Music Club, The Senlac Inn, Battle.

Wednesday, 05/07/2017, Crawley Blues Club, The Hawth, Crawley.
Thursday, 06/07/2017, The Slaughtered Lamb, 34-35 Great Sutton St, London

Saturday, 08/07/2017, Saddleback’s Bues Festival, Devizes Sports Club, London Road Bridge.
Lisa Mills, Jo Harman, The Boom Band, Elles Bailey, Blue Dog and More

Sunday, 09/07/2017, Zelt Music Festival, Freiburg, Germany.

Tuesday, 11/07/2017, Zelt Music Festival, Freiburg, Germany.
(with the Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra)

Friday, 14/07/2017, Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival, Rose Theatre, Basement.
Saturday, 15/07/2017, Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival, Spiegeltent, West Princes Street Gardens.
(Blues Afternoon with Matt Schofield and Connie Lush)
Wednesday, 19/17/2017, Birmingham Jazz & Blues Festival – Robin 2, 20-28 Mount Pleasant, Bilston
Saturday, 22/07/2017, Harpenden Blues Festival, Harpenden Public Halls, Hertfordshire
Sunday, 23/07/2017, SummerTyne Americana Festival, Afternoon set, Gateshead
(Afternoon show with Jo Harman)
Sunday, 23/07/2017, Westival Evening Headline Show, West End Arts Centre, Queens Road, Aldershot
Saturday, 29/07/2017, Gloucester Blues Festival, Cafe Rene, Central Gloucester.
Saturday & Sunday, 19/08/2017 – 20/08/2017, Blues au Chateau Festival, Brittany, France.

Friday, 25/08/2017, Langley Village Hall, Nr Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Saturday, 26/08/2017, Great British RnB Festival (MC “Queens of the Blues Night”), Colne, Lancs.

Sunday, 27/08/2017, Great British RnB Festival (afternoon), Colne, Lancs.

Tuesday, 29/08/2017, 100 Club Tuesday Blues, Oxford Street, London
(Debbie Bond Double Header)
Friday, 01/09/2017, Hell Blues Festival, Norway.

Saturday, 02/09/2017, Hell Blues Festival, Norway.