Temperance Movement Share A Tender Moment


Brit kings of retro take you behind the scenes

The Temperance Movement are pleased to reveal their soulful cover of the Blur song ‘Tender’. The video was recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios and perfectly captures the open-minded spirit of the band that was inspired by the musical history steeped in the venue that surrounded them.

Guitarist Paul Sayer comments, “The main reason for particularly wanting to cover Blur was that they’re a band that was really of our childhood. As great as it is when you’re growing up to discover all the amazing, timeless bands in your parents record collection, there’s nothing like hearing fresh, new music when you’re 14 and knowing that you’re a part of the generation that’s hearing it for the first time. That’s what Blur was for us. ‘Tender’ was the perfect Blur song for us to cover because although they’re as Indie as it gets that song has a huge amount of Soul in it, which is something we feel we have in our music as well.”

Damon Wilson adds, Britpop was possibly England’s last great music revolution. We wanted to celebrate those heady days when guitar music ruled the waves & people were excited around the world by British music. With a nod to The Beatles we decided Abbey Rd Studios would be the perfect destination. Tender is something of a rarity for Damon Albarn & Blur with its echoes of American gospel. It resonated with our love of soul & roots music.”

With a mantra for recording songs in three takes or less, their version of ‘Tender’ exemplifies the quality of musicianship that sets The Temperance Movement in a class above many bands, and why their eagerly anticipated new album White Bear was tracked in only a few weeks.

Due for release on January 15th, White Bear follows their critically-acclaimed 2013 self-titled debut and was recorded with producer Sam Miller in London, Northamptonshire and Monmouth.

In the first part of a special behind the scenes video series, you can see the band discuss the process behind writing White Bear and get an intimate insight into the recording of one of Britain’s great rock bands at home in the studio.

Whilst on the album title, White Bear, singer Phil Campbell notes, “Nick called me with the title which inspired the lyric to the song. It refers to a study by Daniel Wenger on mindfulness and the controlling of unwanted thoughts, testing a quote from Dostoevsky’s ‘Winter Notes on Summer Impressions’: ‘Try to pose for yourself this task: not to think of a polar bear, and you will see that the cursed thing will come to mind every minute.”

The first single to be taken from the album is the groove filled ‘Three Bulleits’. With an abundance of attitude and swagger it’s also the powerful opener to the new album.

White Bear track listing:

1. Three Bulleits
2. Get Yourself Free
3. A Pleasant Peace I Feel
4. Modern Massacre
5. Battle Lines
6. White Bear
7. Oh Lorraine
8. Magnify
9. The Sun and Moon Roll Around Too Soon
10. I Hope I’m Not Losing My Mind

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