Hull-based outfit Sworn Amongst spent the majority of 2019 playing shows across the country and Europe, even making a pit-stop at Tech-Fest 2019. However, they soon realized that 2020 wasn’t quite going to allow the same experiences, so they chose to focus their attention – and frustration – on writing, and brought to life “Crucify”. You can check the new track  here.

Guitarist Ash definitely had some feelings and thoughts to share about the track: “This past year has been such a mixed feeling of emotion, so much uncertainty… But then in another light it’s provided people with time to reflect on themselves and deal with any hold backs.
The moments we’ve had define a driving force behind something that I hold so close to my heart, you never really know someone until you’ve spent weeks round the globe in a van with them, sleeping in luxury, but also in cold winters, eating like kings and surviving on sandwiches, playing sleepless hundreds of miles away from your nice warm bed because nothing can stop the grind.
I’m so thankful for every opportunity given, the experiences I’ve shared with my brothers, the friends I’ve made along the way and the future.
Today we release “Crucify” which up until recent, lyrically, has never made more sense than it does now.”

About the Act

Sworn Amongst, hailing from the UK, have had quite the loyal fan base and following since establishing in 2004. Nailing constant tours across UK and Europe, the metal five piece have grabbed crowds by the throat and punished them with their jaw dropping live show, something the band thrive on and without fail nail on a daily basis.
After a couple of quiet years in 2017 and ’18, the band eventually released a brand new EP – under Famined Records – showcasing their new musical direction: a groovy, heavier mix of modern Metalcore, partially leaving behind their Hardcore and Trash Roots. 2019 was also the year that saw them constantly on the road, across the UK, mainland Europe, and making an appearance at multiple festivals, such as Badger Fest and Tech Fest during the same year, before spending the beginning of 2020 entering the studio again, working on new music. .
Sworn Amongst have had the pleasure of touring with the likes of Annihilator, Gama Bomb, The Rotted, Man Must Die, Bonded By Blood, Our Hollow, Our Home, Susperia, Evile, Breed 77 and more, many times stealing the limelight and proving this unit, quite simpy have what it takes to climb the ladder 3 steps at a time and overtake many of their peers. The collectives live performance has also landed them support slots to influential peers such as Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Meshuggah, The Faceless, Dark Tranquillity, Bleed From Within,Sylosis, Anthrax and While She Sleeps alongside multiple festival appearances including Download, Hammerfest and Bloodstock.