Rockers go for the BAFTA’s

London rockers ‘Staring Out The Sun‘ have just released the full mini-move based on their 2015 EP ‘Break The Silence’.

Break The Silence is available to view on the movie microsite at

The band had this to say about the movie:
“Break The Silence – The Movie is Staring Out The Sun for the big screen. We didn’t want to be like every other band out there. We wanted to say something unique to us. By making a movie out of our whole EP we could do just that.

It’s was really hectic at times, but massively fun every step of the way. We deliberately shot everything in a random order, and had to keep the full movie concept in our minds whilst shooting and planning. We really loved making it and working with Paul was a breeze since we developed the concept with him from the outset. We hope you love it as much as we did making it.”

Encompassing multiple filming locations from the depths of the countryside to the heart of the city, from explosive car crashes to plane rides in a personal jet, the emphasis on producing something unique and larger than life, the project totally took on a life of it’s own.

Break The Silence’s production was in the capable hands of Paul Blue, who comments:
“A movie encompassing a full EP was a mammoth task. We decided we wanted to have it a little’ B Movie’ with some hints of 80s action film in there. What we created was something not many bands do anymore. An epic adventure that creates a strong image that encapsulates not only their recorded sound but their live energy as well.”

Completing the story arc in their ‘Break The Silence’ series features the latest release ‘Trust No One’, this single is also available as a free download, you just need to sign up to the bands mailing list on their website.

Staring Out The Sun are:

John Buckell – Vocals
Tekin Mustafa – Guitar/Vocals
Chris Caller – Bass
Danny Martin – Drums

You can find Staring Out The Sun online in the following places:

Official Website
Break The Silence Movie Microsite
You Tube