SKY VALLEY MISTRESS, inventors of the power chord and Iggy Pop’s influence behind forming The Stooges, have returned from the Californian Desert after recording at the infamous Rancho de la Luna studio.
Working alongside Mojave Lord and Eagle of Death Metal, Dave “Dream Catcher” Catching, they have produced a track that is so electric NASA is already claiming it may have to be played from the moon and shot back to earth via lazer beam.
YOU GOT NOTHIN’ will be the first song from a two part EP due for release later this year that together will produce such a high voltage power it could supply over half the planet with free energy by 2020. Ahead of releasing what Rolling Stone magazine have already tipped off as “th 21st Century’s answer to Led Zeppelin II”, Sky Valley Mistress will be shaking the heavens in front of the select few mortals who are ready to witness the heavy as hell reality of what rock and roll really is.

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