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Italian goth crew plan new record

Italian Gothic Doom Metal act Lightless Moor are starting to record their sophomore album “Hymn for the Fallen” at the RealSound Studio (Parma).
The album will be released through Wormholedeath Records.Statement from the band:
“Hymn for the Fallen” is a wave of gothic doom with dark atmospheres, electronic sounds and orchestral touches mixed with powerful riffs into the melancholic depths of reality. 

“Ilaria’s new modern style of singing mixed with the operatic style harmonizes perfectly with Federico’s screaming/growling and his clean vocals parts. 

“The album is for every creature and every person who has been forgotten and oppressed: the fallen ones. An hymn to give voice to whom lost it and can’t express themselves anymore, to bring to consciousness their broken stories and so let them climb out of the abyss and built their lives with renewed strength and hope. “

“A special thanks for the artwork goes to Phobos Anomaly Design and to Carlo Bellotti who trust in us once again”. The album will be produced by Wahoomi Corvi and RealSound Studio (Parma). “
“Hymn for the Fallen” will be released this Autumn/Winter.
01 – Fairytales of Lies
02 – Deadly Sin
03 – The Unlocked Door to the Other World
04 – The Rain that Clears My Sins Away
05 – Qualcosa Vive Attraverso
06 – The Greatest Lie
07 – When My Mind Sleeps
08 – King with the Sulphur Crown
09 – In Death She Comes
10 – A Dream Written in the Sand
11 – The Cascade and the Shadow
12 – White Rose
13 – Deviances
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