Bay Area inspired Thrash band from Canada release new one

Vancouver, BC, Bay Area thrash inspired group SCISSORTOOTH announce the release of their full length ‘Novagomorrah’ on July 28, 2015 via Galy Records. The full length embodies the aggressive, yet groovy feeling of early Pantera braised with industrial samples and is just under 1 hour (58 min total) spread over tracks engineered and mixed by the band’s own, Shawn Hoskins, plus mastered by Vancouver’s Greg Mindorff at Suite Sound Labs (Biff Naked, D.O.A., Finger 11).

“Can’t wait for the album to be released and play these songs live all over, been in the works for a while now, so we’re super stoked to finally put it out there. Musically I really dig the feel and the pacing of the songs, like the old school way of piecing an actual album together instead of a couple tryhard hits and filler. the songs all connect to each other in the true sense of an album. Nova Gomorrah is a modern take on an old story like Sodom and Gomorrah, too much excess then downfall of civilization etc. its got things in there about that stuff but mostly the feel of the music is more connected. It starts off furiously thrashy and ends slower, darker and weighty and everything else is in between. I hope fans of all types of heavier music dig right in and enjoy the album in it’s entirety.” – Derek Lundband, Guitar and Vocals.


1. Hostile Takeover (5:14)

2. 10 30 (4:21)

3. Slowber (5:42)

4. Yellowhead (3:59)

5. Incision (5:05)

6. Shoegazer (5:20)

7. Common Thread (5:24)

8. Rotting Alive (4:38)

9. Nova Gomorrah (8:12)

10. Rats (4:48)

11. Wormwood (5:39)

Their new single ‘Yellowhead’ is now streaming via exclusive premiere on Crown of Visery’s at the following link: 

 For album pre-order, please visit the following link HERE.