Scatter Gun


Midlands alt crew release a new clip

Speaking in Shadows have just released their latest video to “Scatter”, the second single taken from their superb EP ‘The Anchor’.

The band tell us: “Hailing from the Midlands, we chose music and a haggard old van over mundanity and a Lamborghini. To us, life isn’t about pound signs or bank statements, because no amount of money could ever recreate the experience of performing live music. If meeting like-minded people, travelling to far-flung cities with your friends, and doing what you love isn’t the right way to spend your life, then we’re perfectly happy being wrong.
Alongside touring the UK and mainland Europe, we’ve recently released a brand new EP that’s taken us back to our roots – no agendas, no concepts, no gimmicks. We’re writing music that excites and inspires us, and hope that our songs will not only engage and entertain our listeners, but empower and encourage them to find inspiration of their own. “

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