Nashville Rockers and their new video

Killing Grace is proud to announce the release of the official video for the current single release, “17 Scars”, from their self titled debut.
Say the band: “17 Scars”is loosely based on the life of the Matt’s (lead vocalist and band’s frontman) Dad (Bill Edmondson).
It follows his life from a small boy and shows the passages of time and acquiring of ‘scars’, so to speak, along the way. These
‘scars’ might exist physically as well, but they are meant to be more metaphorical in the sense that we ALL gain our own ‘scars’ as we go through our lives.”

The video is also entwined with footage of the band performing the song in the dark, amidst a fire pit; this includes a ‘fiery’ guitar solo from Colt Hendricks (lead guitarist). The video also includes ethereal images of Pamela Gentry, who provided the backing vocals on the original album track.
The band is:
Matthew Dee Edmondson
Vocals Brandon Bell
Guitar / BGV
Colt Hendricks
Guitar / BGV
Chad Grant
Rob McKee