Off To See Rose, the new track from Seattle’s Massy Ferguson is taken from the their upcoming album Joe’s Meat & Grocery.

Singer & Bass Player Ethan Anderson explains how the track came about, ‘Off To See Rose seemingly came out of nowhere. Adam and I did a writing session out at Lake Wenatchee at a cabin in the Cascade mountains and stayed up way to late and drank too much. We didn’t make much progress. Then the next morning Adam was out by the lake picking on some chords and had a few intriguing lines, one about “waiting for the breeze to pick up a seed.” He was kicking around the line “off to see Rose,” about his niece, Rose, who had just been born. He wrote most of the song at that point and then I took it home and basically finished it there. It all came together so quickly. I wish all songs we wrote did that.

I am a fan of Thoreau, George Bird Grinnell, Jack London — naturalistic writers — so I tried to take in the surroundings and take Adam’s lines and make something that leaned heavy on naturalistic elements: “sunset paints purples on the trees” “sitting there barefoot in the grass” etc’

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