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Brand new label formed

We are absolutely delighted to introduce new record label “Little Rocket Records”, founded by Graeme Rocket (Leatherface/Medictation/Big Ugly Fish/Pouzza), Mark Rocket (Paper+Plastick/RareBreed) and Daniel Rocket (The Moving Development).

To celebrate, the label is ecstatic to confirm upcoming releases from no less than SIX ARTISTS, the release of a free digital download compilation (available for free here) featuring SEVEN EXCLUSIVE TRACKS and their store/website (

Amongst their initial roster Little Rocket Records is proud to welcome Awkward Age, BarCreeps, CampaignMedictation (feat. members of The Sainte Catherine’s/Leatherface) No Cross & The Run Up.  Releases shall follow from all of those artists between now and the end of the year; the first being Warm Places by Medictation (co-released with Dead Broke Rekords, pre-orders available here), which was taken over from Paper+Plastick and the final recorded works of the late Dickie Hammond (Leatherface).

The first release from the label is the compilation “Lift Off!”, released in conjunction with The Punk Archive.

You can stream the release here and get your copy here.

Rather uniquely every download of the compilation comes with a insert/inlay providing information about the band/label and why the band was asked to be part of the release.

At present the compilation is a free digital download/pay what you want only but the label plans to press the compilation on vinyl in time for Record Store Day.  This compilation is planned to be the first of a series not too dissimilar to the Punk-o-Rama/Fat Music run.

Lift off features brand new tracks from Awkward Age (USA), BarCreeps (UK), Bong Mountain (USA), Campaign (USA), Good Friend (UK – appearing courtesy of Red Scare Industries), No Cross (UK) and The Run Up (UK). 

Also on the compilation are Medictation (UK/CA), Vanilla Pod (UK), Spoilers (UK) and New Junk City (USA).

Whilst based in the UK, the label is quickly seeking to make a mark on the international scene, using their international distribution (via Plastic Head), co-releases (including working in conjunction with Dead Broke Records on the upcoming Medictation LP “Warm Places”) and shortly opening up satellite offices stateside and in the mainland EU.

About the label Mark Rocket said, “I’m so excited about what we have planned over the next 12 months.  This is by far the most exciting and far reaching project that I’ve ever been involved in.  Between our core group we have a perfect skill-set: we have our studio, international distribution, in-house PR and by the time we’ve unveiled our full roaster (probably in around Autumn) you’ll see a number of bands who are capable (and have) headlined major international Punk Festivals.  ”

About the personnel within Little Rocket, Graeme said “Paper+Plastick (being the initial label that scheduled to release the Medictation LP) encountered several pressing problems with the Medictation release, which forced me to accelerate plans in launching a new label.

I had worked with Mark Rocket previously on the Medictation release and he continued to help and support getting this turned around.  As such it was a no brainer to ask Mark to carry on working together!

As Mark and I mulled over the project, there was a couple of jigsaw pieces missing – most particularly in the art/branding/distribution.  I gave Mark the profile of what I thought, it took him a second and he said ‘I know just the person, Daniel Rocket is the man’.

It’s very exciting for me, having people who are honest, hard-working, who get on with the job it’s a massive plus, oh and don’t forget they believe in Punk Rock, the music and the family!”

Little Rocket launched amidst tragedy, frustration and a passion to ‘Do It Properly’.

The Rockets wanted to go back to basics: a full service one-stop point of access for bands. Distancing themselves from the modern process whereby a label starts and ends with sending music to a pressing plant, the Rockets are more invested than that; guiding, and supporting bands from recording the record, publicising the record, touring the record and everything in-between.

Between the three Rockets there is a wealth of experience: Graeme Rocket (Leatherface/Medictation/Big Ugly Fish/Pouzza Festival/ Bunker 13 Recording Studio), Mark Rocket (Paper+Plastick/Rarebreed) and Daniel Rocket (The Moving Development) were brought together from the events described above. More Rockets will come and go to make this work; this is a community label.




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